IDST Elections
Admin / RO

Admin/RO button is meant for the web administrator and returning officer to login to carry out some administrative functions like update the members’ information like the mobile number, email ID, issue of notification, entering the nominations received off-line, scrutinise the nominations / withdrawals to finalise the approved list of contestants, authenticate the results generated by the system, publishing of the results etc. They, however, will not be able to alter the bio-data submitted by the contestant, the ballet paper after the voting process has stated.

Various buttons on the IDST Election home page will be active as per the schedule of the voting, otherwise on-screen prompt will indicate the status of the corresponding activity.


System generates the results and submits to Returning officer for authentication before the same are published on the website. The results may also be communicated to members through e-mail.


Contact Details of Returning Officers

Central & Branch Council

Maj Gen (Retd) D Kapil

+91 9822521971