IDST Elections
Central Council

There are seven elected members in Central council with a condition that at least one member is there from each of the four branch councils. Voting criteria is accordingly stipulated with a minimum of four and maximum of seven members to be elected from among the contestants.

Branch Councils

There are five elected members in each of the Branch Councils and elections are held independently of the Central council. Voting criteria is that a minimum of five members have to be elected from among the contestants

E-Polling Procedure

It is proposed to conduct IDST Elections 2016 on-line.

Member Login:

Member Login window appears only after selecting the desired activity on the home page like online nomination, cast your vote. User ID for the member is his Mobil Number furnished to IDST and listed in the members' database available on the IDST website. Password however will be intimated to each of the members by the IDST Web Administrator through SMS and e-mail. In case the member has forgotten the password or not received due to some reason, click on the "Forgot Password" button to receive the Password. New window opens prompting you to provide your mobile number and e-mail ID. After authentication by matching the information in IDST members' database Password info will be sent to the member through SMS and e-mail. In case of mismatch, the system will reject member's request and is advised to contact the Web Administrator. It is therefore essential to update this information by checking on the IDST website and sending feed back if there are any corrections to be made

Nomination / Withdrawal

a) "No member shall be eligible for election or re-election to the IDST/Regional Council unless he is a Member of the Institute and he is nominated by at least two other Members and such nominations are received by the Returning Officer appointed by the Council within the time schedule notified by such officer. At least one of the members making the nominations shall be some-one other than the existing Office Bearer of the Council. "

b) While voting is necessarily on-line, there is an option to file nominations and withdrawals off-line. For this click on the "Download Forms" button to download the appropriate forms, fill it up and send to the designated returning officer.

c) For on-line nomination / withdrawal the interested member selects the appropriate button in the Home Page, and click on the council from the dropdown list that appears on the screen. This takes one to the Member Login screen.

d) Once the member's login is successful he will be presented with the appropriate form for filling in the desired information. The form is linked to the members' database so that the desired information is retrieved from the same trivializing the data entry. Having filled in the form, click on the "Submit" button to complete the process. System will prompt for any deficiencies in the filling of the form and also indicate successful submission of the form.

View the Contestants

The list of contestants can be viewed on real time basis from the date the nominations process is activated, by clicking on the "View the Contestants" button. Clicking on the name of the contestants will display his bio-data. There will be "Cast your Vote" button at the bottom of the list. This is in addition to the "Cast your Vote" button in the home page.

Casting the Vote

Members have to cast their vote only online (e-polling).There is no provision to vote otherwise. For casting the vote online, member has to click on the "Cast your Vote" button. This will take you to the Member's Login screen. Once the login is successful, the member will be presented with the ballet paper screen. Select the candidates by clicking the button placed opposite the name of the contestant and click on the submit button to finish the voting process. System will prompt if the selection of the candidates is not as per the voting rules giving a hint of what went wrong. Successful voting will be acknowledged by the system.

Admin / RO

Admin/RO button is meant for the web administrator and returning officer to login to carry out some administrative functions like update the members' information like the mobile number, email ID, issue of notification, entering the nominations received off-line, scrutinise the nominations / withdrawals to finalise the approved list of contestants, authenticate the results generated by the system, publishing of the results etc. They, however, will not be able to alter the bio-data submitted by the contestant, the ballet paper after the voting process has stated.

Various buttons on the IDST Election home page will be active as per the schedule of the voting, otherwise on-screen prompt will indicate the status of the corresponding activity.


System generates the results and submits to Returning officer for authentication before the same are published on the website. The results may also be communicated to members through e-mail.


Contact Details of Returning Officers

Central & Branch Council

Maj Gen (Retd) D Kapil

+91 9822521971